Multi-OS Virtual Server - VPS SSD

Your Linux/Windows or FreeBSD VPS on SSD with best performance at affordable pricing !

Linux Debian  Linux Ubuntu  Linux Centos   FreeBSD  Windows

Discover our new VPS Windows, Linux ou FreeBSD offers with pure SSD storage with instant setup !

  • SSD Mini

  • 7.99 €

    exVAT/month (9.59 € inc. VAT)
  •    1 vCPU
  •    1 Go RAM memory
  •    20 Go SSD disk space
  •    1 IPv4 + 1 bloc IPv6 (/64)
  •   100 Mbps bandwidth
  •    Anti-DDOS protection
  • SSD Start

  • 14.99 €

    exVAT/month (17.99 € inc. VAT)
  •    1 vCPU
  •    2 Go RAM memory
  •    40 Go SSD disk space
  •    1 IPv4 + 1 bloc IPv6 (/64)
  •   100 Mbps bandwidth
  •    Anti-DDOS protection
  • SSD Basic

  • 24.99 €

    exVAT/month (29.99 € inc. VAT)
  •    2 vCPU
  •    4 Go RAM memory
  •    80 Go SSD disk space
  •    1 IPv4 + 1 bloc IPv6 (/64)
  •   100 Mbps bandwidth
  •    Anti-DDOS protection
  • SSD Best

  • 39.99 €

    exVAT/month (47.99 € inc. VAT)
  •    4 vCPU
  •    8 Go RAM memory
  •    160 Go SSD disk space
  •    1 IPv4 + 1 bloc IPv6 (/64)
  •   100 Mbps bandwidth
  •    Anti-DDOS protection

  SSH Administrator access or Remote Desktop

  Remote physical reboot and reinstallation

  100 Mbps connection without data usage limit

  One IPv4 + one IPv6 address

  Anti-DDOS automatic protection included

  Instant setup

  Upgrade your offer in two steps

  Server located in EU (France)

Your Virtual Private Server on Linux or Windows, your choice !

Install and reinstall your favorite Linux Distribution ( Debian, Ubuntu, Centos... )
FreeBSD or Windows Server ( 2008, 2012 ).

With your administrator access, free to you to install your apps on it.

Instant setup distributions available :

Linux Debian  Linux Ubuntu  Linux Centos   FreeBSD  Windows

Panels and applications availables :

Odin Plesk  cPanel

  • SSD Maxi

  • 79.99 €

    exVAT/month (95.99 € inc. VAT)
  •    8 vCPU
  •    16 Go RAM memory
  •    320 Go SSD disk space
  •    1 IPv4 + 1 bloc IPv6 (/64)
  •   100 Mbps bandwidth
  •    Anti-DDOS protection

The following means of payment are accepted

VISA Credit Card   VISA Electron Credit Card   MasterCard Credit Card   Maestro Credit Card   PayPal   Allopass / HiPay

Bancontact/Mistercash  SOFORT Banking  iDEAL Bank transfer/SEPA/Wire Cheque

Virtual dedicated servers have many advantages over physical dedicated servers. They are more flexible and can be configured according to business needs.

What is a virtual dedicated server

A virtual dedicated server, commonly referred to as a "VPS" (Virtual Private Server), is a type of computer server that runs in a virtual machine. It is a technology for creating virtual servers that are independent of each other on a single physical machine. Virtual servers share the physical resources of the hosting machine, but are separated by virtualization software, giving them independence and isolation of operation similar to dedicated servers.

A virtual dedicated server has many advantages, including cost, flexibility and performance. Indeed, virtualization significantly reduces the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a dedicated physical server. In addition, virtual servers are generally much easier to deploy and manage than physical servers. Finally, the performance of virtual servers can be very similar to that of dedicated servers, or even better in some cases.

Why choose a virtual dedicated server?

Virtual dedicated server is a great option for businesses that need more flexibility and control over their servers. Virtual dedicated servers offer businesses a dedicated virtual server infrastructure, as well as full root access and complete resource isolation. Virtual dedicated servers are generally more expensive than shared servers, but they offer businesses a higher level of performance and reliability. Virtual dedicated servers are also ideal for businesses that need more flexibility in server configuration.

Pourquoi utiliser un VPS Linux ?

There are several reasons to use a Linux VPS, including:

  • 1. Flexibility: with a Linux VPS, you have the choice between several Linux distributions, as well as between several versions of the latter. You can therefore select the one that best suits your needs. Moreover, you can install the software you want, without being limited by the choices of the hosting providers.
  • 2. Reliability: Linux systems are known to be stable and reliable. By choosing a Linux VPS, you are more likely to have a reliable and uninterrupted service.
  • 3. Security: Linux systems are generally more secure than Windows systems, so you are less likely to fall victim to computer attacks or malware.
  • 4. Costs: Linux systems are generally cheaper than Windows systems, which is an advantage if you have a limited budget for your hosting.

In summary, the advantages of using a Linux VPS are numerous. If you are looking for reliable, secure and flexible hosting, a Linux VPS is probably the best option for you.

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